Chances are you’re here because you want to grow, evolve and refine as a business leader and as a person. Or maybe you are looking to bring someone to your event that will engage audiences and spur change in perspectives, actions and conversation. Sara’s live speaking events offer that opportunity, let us show you how.



The Science of Next Level Leadership in an On-Demand World

Organizations know that to be successful in a knowledge economy, both expertise and fostering intellectual curiosity are critical to drive innovation. They understand the value of emotional intelligence and not only recognize that these characteristics set great leaders
apart, but that they are non-negotiable skills required to thrive in a service-oriented marketplace. And yet, with all the acknowledgement and investment in capitalizing on these skills, something is missing, and stress is rising.

In this keynote, Sara Ross will share the missing piece of the success equation that all too often is over-looked and under-valued. The thing that not only fuels people and organizations but amplifies their emotional and intellectual abilities, while strengthening their capacity to buffer the impact of stress. This key piece is what Sara calls the Vitality Factor.

This isn’t just about stress management, time management or simply sleeping more and working less. This is about strategy. How to move performance and leadership to the next level in an on-demand world where an abundance of information, distractions, and expectations are unrelentingly pulling on time, energy and attention.

The research is clear, how an organization manages that vitality factor will either burn their people out or allow them to burn bright and bring their best work forward.


Sara will leave audiences with fresh insights, practical know-how and the inspiration to make things happen as she shares how to implement the right kind of vitality boosting practices to help leaders show-up day after day with energy, focus and enthusiasm, including:

  • The three biggest misconceptions leading to over-stressed, under-fueled brains and how this deceivingly influences decisions, effectiveness and performance impact;
  • A Key Vitality Indicator (KVI) system to identify the tipping point where more work becomes counterproductive and healthy challenge becomes unhealthy stress;
  • A Brain C.A.R.E. Scorecard to identify capacity drainers (including email and meeting depletion), and how to re-engineer practices that expand productive vitality ranges;
  • Insights to help leaders shift from inadvertently being a Vitality-Depleter to a positive Vitality Ambassador by multiplying each of these practices across teams and workplaces.


The science of powering down to power up!

When we think of top performers; those excelling in their jobs and mastering their life, we tend to think of factors such as dedication, passion, persistence, and grit. While each is important,
if taking on anything challenging and succeeding in a sustainable way, there is a third factor that few organizations or people are truly capitalizing on, and that is the power of recovery.

The scientific evidence is indisputable; recharging brainpower, replenishing physical energy, and intentionally providing mental and emotional reprieve is crucial to excel, connect with those most important to us, and contribute to the world in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, we often respond in the opposite way by sacrificing rest and renewal as a strategy to cope with the increasing demands on our time, energy and attention. While this may have worked in the past, yesterday’s approaches are not enough to meet the needs of today. The happiest, healthies and highest performing people of tomorrow will be those who practice and prioritize recovery by choice, not chance.

Stress is part of life, but it shouldn’t be a way of life.

In this keynote, Sara Ross will share scientifically backed, game-changing strategies based on the physiology of unmanaged stress and its impact on results and relationships. She will discuss how top performing “Energy Guardians”, don’t just work smarter but they also rest better. Building off her ten years of studying the neuroscience of emotional intelligence and mounting evidence showing the impact of vitality on relationships, performance, and leadership, Sara will show how everyday people working in high-stress, high-expectation environments such as hospital administrators, air traffic controllers and tech engineers, have become some of the best in their field by changing how they power down to more impactfully power up.

It’s time to join the recovery revolution in service of doing your best work and living your fullest life.

Audiences will leave with practical and easy-to-implement strategies while feeling motivated by new insights and fresh perspectives including:

  • Redefining what it means to practice restoration by examining the two biggest misconceptions people have around recovery; that slowing down is the only way to refill energy and that the absence of work is the same as the presence of recovery;
  • Analyzing a personal Recovery Index to identify energy leaks and opportunities for increasing energy amplifiers;
  • Identifying the three critical factors that must be managed to practice recovery in the most time-starved, expectation-heavy environments; and
  • Exploring strategies to manage the ultimate energy robber, Digital Depletion.


In partnership with

The missing ingredient behind building a highly engaged organizational culture.

What causes smart leaders and rising stars to plateau, or even worse, fail? Alternatively, what makes an exceptional leader?

Surprisingly, both often have the same answer; Emotional Intelligence.

The biggest obstacle to your leaders reaching their potential and experiencing the success you and others know they are capable of isn’t expertise, but instead a lack of emotional intelligence (EI). A set of skills critical to making good decisions, adapting to changing environments and key to creating strong connections that drive loyalty, influence and results. Whether a seasoned executive, middle manager or driven individual, this keynote will examine
the science behind the derailing impact that a gap in emotional intelligence can have. Building on cutting-edge research from positive psychology and neuroscience, Sara will teach you how to manage difficult emotions (and people), more effectively to increase productivity, quality of life and the bottom line, especially important in today’s high-pressure workplaces.

During her time as the Vice President of Innovation, Research and Leadership Training at IHHP she oversaw their proprietary EI360 assessment delivered to over 80,000 people. Sara will share IHHP’s findings as well as real-life examples from her coaching and consulting work across a diverse set of industries to help audiences:

  • Identify the key behaviors that drives exceptional leadership and performance.
  • Understand the brain science of emotions that drives their (and others) behavior under pressure.
  • Learn an emotional management strategy to respond more skillfully as pressure, tension and complexity increases.
  • Gain new insights into empathy with a model to effectively and authentically connect with others even in the most pressure-filled situations building trusting relationships and driving business outcomes.
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Collaboration & Engagement
  • Disruption & Change
  • Women Leading with Emotional Intelligence

For Sara’s additional keynote topics offered in partnership with IHHP please click here:

Powerfully integrating cutting-edge research with real-life examples of success and failure from both her work with leaders from across the globe as well as her own learning experiences, Sara Ross translates the science of leadership into actionable strategies transforming the way people succeed at work and thrive in life.

Sara will engage audiences, inspire conversation and most importantly, create a blueprint for true change with actionable strategies that positively and immediately shift results and lift relationships.


Alternate Approaches Deeper Learning

Breakout Learning Sessions

If you are looking to take the insights to a deeper level, Sara delivers highly interactive, application-focused learning experiences. These are designed to give people time to practice and apply insights and strategies to their real-life situations.
These can run as a breakout session following a keynote or as a separate longer pre- or post-conference workshop. Breakout sessions typically run 1-3 hours and workshops between a half to a full day. Either approach will be tailored to the needs of the organization or group.

Panel Discussions or “Fireside Leader-to-Leader Chats”

Sara is happy to participate in panel discussions, onstage interviews, or fireside chats. You can feel confident that she will bring unique perspectives that are backed up by the latest research and well as practical examples and stories.
These sessions tend to create an intimate and personalized experience and are a great addition to an off-site retreat. The value of this approach is that it also demonstrates to audience engagement from their leaders to practice and apply the principles shared by Sara.

“Power Talks” with Q&A

Following the format of TED Talks, Sara does highly focused, short but powerful presentations ranging 20-40min followed by either a Q&A session or an onstage discussion with a leader from your organization. These unique talks and discussions are usually highly customized to the organization, industry or group.

Interviews for follow-up articles and podcasts

The learning shouldn’t stop after Sara’s session. Sara is happy to support your organization’s dedication to sustaining the learning and creating true change. She will happily participate in post-keynote interviews.

On-site Group Training or Coaching

If you are looking to bring Sara’s insights and tools into your organization then on-site training or coaching is a great option. These learning solutions may include individual coaching or group coaching for intact teams, training sessions for your managers and leaders, off-site retreats, or intensive executive sessions exclusively with senior teams.
This on-site approach will help you integrate the key learnings into the DNA of your culture. Take a closer look at our offerings as well as our partner offerings with the Institute for Health and Human Potential.

See what people are saying about Sara’s keynotes

I do not say this lightly - Sara is one of the THE MOST engaging speakers I have ever listened to. I have heard her speak three times and every time I learn something new but even more notable, I am taken in by her openness, energy and insight. I promise you can count on Sara to over-deliver.

Within the hour Sara made us laugh, reflect and stirred a deep emotion that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Sara’s insights were the thread that connected the rest of the conference, it was awesome!
- Women in Engineering Conference Organizer

Today I was challenged by Sara’s message. Mistakes are not something I accept very well (nor do I often admit), and perfection is often the expectation I have.  Today you made me realize a goal of excellence is far more powerful then perfection.  Our goals don’t need to change but how we get there could use some work (crisis versus opportunity). Thank you Sara for challenging my beliefs and approaches with your presentation today!
- Minneapolis Hospital Executive

Would I recommend Sara Ross? Are you kidding - I want to be her!  Seriously, Sara was awesome!!!  She was so real and authentic that I felt like I was in a 1-1 conversation with her not sitting in the audience.  Some of the stories she told and examples she shared were so relatable I felt like they were about me!  She gave me a game plan to use with my team, thanks Sara!
- Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation